Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to their TV show

I like Jeremy Warmsley. Not that I know him personally, I'm just a big fan of his 2006 album The Art of Fiction, though he does seem like a nice chap. So it was a pleasant surprise to see an email from him pop into my inbox yesterday. Here was me hoping that it was news of the follow-up to Fiction, but it wasn't (when's it out? when's it out?). Still, no need to complain because it was a plug for his new 'TV show'. It's called, somewhat originally, 'Welcome to Our TV Show' and features performances from Jeremy and his mates, encamped in his living room.

The first two shows have performances from Mystery Jets, Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and the man himself. Since they were recorded in December, there is a bit of a Christmas thing going on which feels a bit odd watching in January, when brown and decaying Christmas trees are littering the streets of London. According to J-Wo, the TV show is "somewhere between Jools Holland and Wayne's World" (make up your own mind on that) and will be "'monthly'" (his own quotation marks, no doubt guarding against any strict interpretations of monthly). It's a good start. Looking forward to what's to come. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2


Mystery Jets - Flakes
Jeremy Warmsley - I Think I'm Going Out of My Head (cover of a song by Little Anthony and the Imperials)
Laura Marling - Shine
Noah and the Whale - To Cyril at Crunkmas

And speaking of Laura Marling, click here for a sweet vid of her covering The Needle and the Damage Done, whilst ghosting between different locations (you'll need RealPlayer).


Woodshed said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Everything Jeremy Warmsley does at the moment is just gold. His ukulele session for Le Soir was my favourite thing on the internets last year.

Woodshed said...

The Daily Growl said...

You're so right. It's really very good, isn't it? That's two old soul covers then. Bodes well for the new album I think...

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