Friday, March 09, 2007

Kate Nash live

Here's another gig I didn't go to this week. But then again, there's more to life than going to gigs. There are other things to do. All the same, I still haven't managed to get to see Kate Nash play live, which is a shame. On Tuesday she played with the excellent Fields and Daily Growl favourite Jeremy Warmsley at the Barfly for Xfm's Xposure. Some tracks were broadcast by John Kennedy last night on his show. Here are three I managed to record.

Interestingly, it seems like she's now doing Caroline's a Victim in a quite different way than on the single, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, enjoy these tracks. My December Kate Nash post with tracks from a previous Xfm studio session has been one of my most popular of the last few months, so there's obviously a few fans out there.

Download: Kate Nash - Merry Happy (live at the Barfly)
Download: Kate Nash - Caroline's a Victim (live at the Barfly)
Download: Kate Nash - The Nicest Thing (live at the Barfly)

You can buy Kate's debut single from TuneTribe.

Pic of Kate live at Chalk at the Scala the other week from gregscargill's Flickr.


Steve said...

yeah so thnx for making me fall in love with kate nash with your december post awhile ago

Rich said...

cheers for the tracks. i listened in on thursday when it was supposed to be on but JK said he played the tracks the day before

did you can any of the warmsley tracks??

The Daily Growl said...

I don't have any of the Warmsley tracks unfortunatelt. I missed the broadcast of his set. Seems like JK isn't doing the 'live' on the night full set broadcasts any more, instead doing select tracks.

I do have a previous Warmsley Xposure live set that I must get round to re-uploading...

Greg said...

Hey. Glad you liked the photo. Thanks for the link back to my flickr too. Feel free to continue to use any more pics if you link them back.


Anonymous said...

on her way, watch out world.

Adi said...

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