Thursday, March 08, 2007

Black Lips pack 'em in

Looks like I caught up with Black Lips a little too late. They've been doing a sorta tour of London over the past week, playing about a gig a night. By the time I had got round to listening to them, there was only one night left - a gig at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch last night. And bonus! It was free.

So I assemble a few people who may be interested in hearing some free raucous retro 60s-style US garage rock and head down there, only to be told that it was full and only guest list was being allowed in. Damn! However, we didn't hang around too long on Great Eastern Street, a quick trip to The Griffin for drinks meant I wasn't going home on the tube as sullen as the Arsenal fans.

So what should have been a gig review is a bit of a moan. Sorry about that, but here's an mp3 - the b-side of the Atlanta band's new 7 inch on Vice records. It's pretty good. If you can imagine the Beatles as a rough-edged garage band.

I hear they're meant to be back over here for more shows in the summer. I'll be quicker off the mark then hopefully...

Here's a short youtube of them playing Not a Problem at the OBL.

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