Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jack Penate

Sometimes you change your mind about some music. I might have done. The first time I heard Jack Penate, it was when he supported Lily Allen at Bush Hall back in July. I didn't think he was much cop. It seemed pretty forgettable stuff at the time, and I didn't even mention him in my post. But maybe that was because I was so brimming with anticipation for La Allen, I was too quick to dismiss Jack.

Now I may be changing my mind. What's made me reconsider is his current single Second Minute and Hour. It reached out of the radio and grabbed me when I heard John Kennedy playing it a few weeks ago. "So that's Jack Penate" I thought, "that's not bad really". A snappy, catchy intro gets you interested and then you're hooked. Well, I was anyway. I really quite like it now. Then I was listening to Xposure again on Monday, and he was live in the studio. A good chance to see what his other stuff is like. And you know what, it's alright really. The lad shows promise.

He's one of a few young solo artists from London who should be breaking out into the wider record buying public's consciousness next year - alongside the likes of Adele, Kate Nash, Emmy the Great, and most of all, Jamie T. Jack's distinctively London, which is another thing I like about him. He's been signed to XL, who've just put out his debut 7 inch single on their Abeano / Young Turks imprint. It's super-limited, so make sure you order yours from Pure Groove before it's too late (Rough Trade's already sold out). Then sit back, enjoy and hope his debut LP is as good.

Download: Jack Penate - Second, Minute and Hour (live on Xfm)
Download: Jack Penate - Torn on the Platform (live on Xfm)
Download: Jack Penate - Spit at Stars (live on Xfm)


muisc like dirt said...

Maybe I should listen again. He was so bad supporting Lily that I hadnt bothered listening to anything of his since.

Did you add yourself to that seeqpod site? Its a very nice idea, but I dont like the way it doesnt link back to the blogs/sites its taken the music from... or have I got that wrong? Hype machine sends people to the blog, whereas this even displays the direct file location. Thats how I spotted you, as I saw (otherwise id have had no idea you posted it)

Simon said...

He's an effing clown. Bout "pon de river"! It was the most embarassing appropriation of Jamaican by a white person I have ever witnessed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Simple Simon,

I really thought that the world had rid arrogant sods like you, which believe people should only act one way and not the way they want to.
You liberally criticise Jack and yet say nothing about Lilly Allen who could also be criticise for acting in a similar way. It the just they way they are and who are you to judge and say what is right or wrong. He’s not offending anyone [ and as a black person don’t see a problem with it]

Jack has brought something unique, beautiful and new to the music world! His lyrics have meaning behind them and mixed with his personality and original-dancing skills, is able to captivate his audience.

So unless you believe you can get on stage and do the same or even better, be my guest, if not SHUT YOUR TRAP!!

Anonymous said...

wat an idiot
whoever that simon is who said about jack penate needs to sort his life out and realise wat an amazingly talented man jack penate is...
go back and listen to your JoJo album, as that is surely your level of musical taste.

Anonymous said...

Must agree with the first annon, I've seen Jack three times now and every time he's been not only awesome on stage, so much energy in one person really radiates, bt after the gigs he's been the most down to Earth and lovely chap I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Give him a chance, stop trying to pidgeon hole people and appreciate the music, Iwish the guy every success and just hope I can still get tickets to his shows when he finally hits the country this year.

Anonymous said...

oy the links dont work load em again

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