Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hip hop and hop off

Here’s a quick ‘n’ lazy post for you.

Lazy because probably every music blogger out there has got an email from ‘Jesus’ recently bearing mp3s from the new Dan the Automator album. But hey, I don’t post the email freebies I get very often (usually because I don’t like ‘em) and I’m not claiming to be cutting edge here. Plus it ties in with my ongoing quest to get more decent new hip hop that doesn’t involve misogyny and self-aggrandising shite. These tracks do the trick quite nicely, and I’m sure the new album will be well worth checking out.

Quick because I’m off! Off for a long weekend to the Summer Sundae festival in not-so-sunny Leicester. The weather forecast for the weekend’s a bit foreboding, but the last couple of years have featured rubbish weather, which largely failed to dampen spirits, and the music was great. This year should be no exception.

Apart from a few weird scheduling anomalies (Gomez headlining? Camera Obscura playing way down the bill in the ‘new bands’ tent? Stephen Fretwell playing above Jose Gonzalez, and just before Belle and Sebastian?) the line-up is pretty fine, and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old favourites and checking out new stuff. I’ll report back on it all next week.

Download: Dan The Automator feat. Hieroglyphics - Don't Hate The Player
Download: Dan The Automator feat. Ghostface & A.G. of D.I.T.C. - 2K007

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Nordy said...

That Ghostface track is "quick and lazy" too. Blah.