Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Blood and Found

Another good new thing out today is the 12 inch single from Free Blood, on Adventures Close to Home records. It's got two tracks plus a remix of each, but the track that I’m really interested in is the version of Grumpy that’s been remixed by FOUND.

If you’re not familiar with them, Free Blood are from Brooklyn which obviously makes them cool from the start. They peddle a thoroughly 'now' type of dancey indie music, the sort of which you can hear all over the place. Think Foals without the spiky guitars or Friendly Fires without the funkiness. There’s skittery, propulsive beats, and they have a good bass and a nice cello sound. Though what I like about Grumpy most I think is its slight sense of sparseness.

FOUND I’m a bit more familiar with, mainly from Matthew Song, By Toad going on so enthusiastically about them. They’re from Edinburgh, so a lot less cool than Free Blood, but what I’ve heard is all pretty good. More of your electronic folkery stuff, but with a distinctive voice that’s unique to themselves.

The real magic of what FOUND do to Grumpy is that they accentuate that sparseness and the cello sound, creating something a bit different and definitely better than the original. At times you might think it’s trying to be a bit Arthur Russell, but you’d be paying too much attention to the cello. Despite the sparse feel, there’s actually quite a lot going on in this mix. The FOUND boys have created something quite tantalising.

Download: Free Blood – Grumpy (FOUND’s Blood Donation)

Buy the new record from Pure Groove.

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