Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New McAlmont & Butler

McAlmont and Butler. Artists whom I have always enjoyed hearing together, but somehow never fully checked out properly. However, my interest was piqued the other day in finding out that they are going to be releasing a new single (7” and download only) on its own, without any album to promote, just for the love of it. That sounded quite refreshing, so when I switched on 6 Music the other night, they were on the Tom Robinson show, all ready to play a few acoustic tunes. Luckily the SD card was in and I was quick enough on the record button.

The songs are great. David McAlmont has an amazing voice that simply soars. Bernard Butler gets busy on the acoustic. They played the new single Speed, plus Falling off their last album, and another totally new track called Midnight. M&B fans – get 'em while they're hot. Me, I'm off to discover more.

Download: McAlmont and Butler – Falling (live on BBC 6 Music)
Download: McAlmont and Butler – Speed (live on BBC 6 Music)
Download: McAlmont and Butler – Midnight (live on BBC 6 Music)

You can read more about M&B over on to die by your side.

Buy the M&B back catalogue here and here.


Anonymous said...

Thnaks for posting this - McAlmont has a voice to die for!

Get the first McAlmont & Butler album, its one of my favourite albums of all time. The second one was good but not a patch on the debut.

Hope they play a few gigs to promote..although unlikely. Mcalmont is playing the Jazz Cafe good to see Butler guesting

The Daily Growl said...

yeah - on the radio show there was hints of something like that happening, despite Butler maintaining that he would be at the Jazz Cafe but only at the bar. So you never know...

Anonymous said...

These are great; thank you. "Speed" is being released in the US tomorrow, not today, so this is nice for while I wait.

David Goldman said...

Hi there! I know this post was from a while ago, but you don't still have these tracks? My hard drive died and I lost EVERY M&B tune I had :(

I've got all the studio recordings - but not the gigs and radio sessions.

If you could let me know by e-mailing
mail.davidgoldman @ that would make my year! Maybe I've something you might like?

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