Monday, June 26, 2006

Lily goes live

So Lily Allen then. I’ve not posted on her yet, mainly because it wouldn’t have been anything that hasn’t been posted or said already, although there is a lot of love for Lily at Daily Growl Towers. So here I was, thinking I had something new – live Lily tunes from a session for Gilles Peterson on Radio 1 last night. Then I was beaten to it by 2 Many Scenes! But since I went to the effort of editing my radio recording to get these tracks, I’m still going to post ‘em. Not sure if it’s a totally live session, but live sounds better, innit.

Smile and LDN, everyone has heard everywhere (but they’re still mighty fine), however Alfie is new to me. It’s a tale of her getting her kid brother to stop smoking the weed and get off his arse and get on with his life. A goodie.

Speaking of Lily live, of all the bloggers posting on her, no-one seems to have seen her live. Now this may be reasonable, due to the relative lack of live appearances so far. But there have been some, and Music Like Dirt was there at one.

Download: Lily Allen – LDN (live on Radio 1)
Download: Lily Allen – Smile (live on Radio 1)
Download: Lily Allen – Alfie (live on Radio 1)


spencer said...

nice. thanks daily growl!

Anonymous said...

nice post, nice blog - cheers for the props.


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