Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take me to the Promised Land

You know how being on an advert can be just the thing to send an artist from unknown to everywhere. That's not always the case though. Consider Findlay Brown whose song Coming Home featured on a cheesy Christmas ad for Mastercard a couple of years ago. But instead of getting that track playing from every commercial radio station in the land, he concentrated on releasing his debut album Separated by the Sea. It was a decent record, full of poppy folky nuggets, but alas no stratospheric sales. However, that may be about to change, with no help from credit card companies. They have their own troubles to seek at present.

Findlay's new single sees him getting some slick production, which is not as bad as that sounds. He's drafted in some brass and backing singers on All That I Have to give it a pop sheen which has HIT written all over it. We'll see. What I'm more interested in is his cover of Joe Smooth's Promised Land, where he turns the 1987 house classic into a 2-minute acoustic pop song. And then there's the Polooski edit where the French wizard takes the cover straight back onto the dancefloor. While we're talking remixes, the Lord Skywave mix of the single is quite tasty too.

mp3: Findlay Brown - Promised Land (Pilooski edit)
mp3: Findlay Brown - All That I Have (Lord Skywave remix)

Findlay Brown myspace


alia said...

I think it's pretty ridiculous to post 2 remixes and not a single original song from the artist. You've done this before, and it makes me think that you care more about your ranking on hype machine than about respect from your audience.

neil said...

Yeah Growl look at your recent posts... Gossamer Albatross, Sky Larkin, Suzy Mangion, Twins Seven Seven. Stop shamelessly posting big name acts just to go big on the hype machine!


The Daily Growl said...

haha cheers neil. you've saved me ridiculing a remarkably stupid comment.

For the record though, there's various reasons for not posting 'a single original song'. In the case of yesterday's The Invisible post, it was because these are the only tracks made available for me to post (and they're good). With this post, it's because I actually like the remixes better than the originals. Is that good enough reason? Imagine actually posting music you like on your blog. Whatever next?

dexxbot said...

alia(n?)s comments notwithstanding, i find it hard to imagine any remix being less interesting than a FB 'original'.

thanks for the post, i'm a huge fan of what pilooski's producing. have you checked out his alteration of Elvis' Craw Fish? insanely fabulous

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