Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Magic Arm - new single

One of my favourite records of last year was Magic Arm's Outdoor Games EP, a delicious 10 inch on tiny Manchester indie Switchflicker Records. I haven't really been watching very closely though, because it's just come to my notice that Marc Rigelsford (Mr Magic Arm) sneaked out a cracking little 7 inch single in July. It's called Widths and Heights and it's nicely skewed pop in the Beta Band style (listen to it on last.fm). The b-side is a cover of the Serge Gainsbourg classic The Ballad of Melody Nelson, where in the tradition of all good covers, Rigelsford makes the song very much his own. The bonus good news is that there's an album on the way too.

mp3: Magic Arm - The Ballad of Melody Nelson

Buy Widths and Heights from the Magic Arm website.


le chunk said...

the album is amazing! x

Matthew said...

Absolute, definite, instant purchase!

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