Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Rosie Taylor Project - This City Draws Maps

The Rosie Taylor Project have been on here before, just after I first heard them playing live on Xfm and recorded and posted the tracks for the world’s listening pleasure. Since then, I’ve received a copy of their debut album This City Draws Maps from the nice people at Bad Sneakers Records, and I’ve had a listen.

Back then, I recommend The Rosie Taylor Project to anyone who likes their indiepop with a melancholy flavour. I said:

“Think Belle and Sebastian's less upbeat moments with a bit of Tindersticks, a dose of sweet boy/girl vocals, and a dash of beautifully mournful french horn, the latter of which is the thing that really seals it for me. They may proclaim a love for Americana types on their myspace influences, but this band's sound is quite a British one. Downbeat and lovely, it almost seems like it couldn't be made anywhere outside the north of England.”

I repeat this again, mainly because there’s little point coming up with a new description when the previous one does the job nicely. It’s worth doing another post though, because they’re a good band and their album is well worth checking out. There are only eight tracks, but all of them are quite lovely. Here’s one of them.

Download: The Rosie Taylor Project – Black and White Films

Buy This City Draws Maps from the Bad Sneakers shop.


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