Friday, April 25, 2008

Strange Fruit for David

The Wave Pictures have a new single out on Monday. It's called Strange Fruit for David and it's brilliant. You should buy it. These guys are now my favourite band that I've never seen live, though it's not for lack of them playing. It's just in these lean gig-going times (for me) that I've somehow not been able to get to any of their frequent London gigs. There are a few up-coming that I really must make an extra-special effort for. This was the resolution I made last night when listening to their fantastic recent single I Love You Like a Madman and the equally good b-side Holding Hands.

I'm genuinely excited about Instant Coffee Baby, their first album for Moshi Moshi, and second 'proper' release. Of course, that's not counting their many self-released CDR EPs and albums, still available from their website. So much so that this post is just a celebration of my anticipation, and an excuse to post some fine live session tracks that David Tattersall and co. played on Marc Riley's BBC 6Music show at the end of last year. Plus, for a bonus extra, a video of them singing Sweetheart on for the ever-excellent Take Away Shows. If any of the bunches of young bucks currently doing the rounds in London deserves success, it's these guys.

Download: The Wave Pictures - Long Island (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: The Wave Pictures - Leave the Scene Behind (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: The Wave Pictures - Just Like a Drummer (live on BBC 6Music)
Download: The Wave Pictures - We Dress Up Like Snowmen (live on BBC 6Music)

Pre-order Instant Coffee Baby from Moshi Moshi.

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