Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Willis update

Well, I did wonder out loud about Willis the other day. And as if in response, I got an email from her (mailing list) at the weekend. It went something like this (converted from the awkward all-capitals format of the email):

"at the moment, i am busy trying to work out how the live show is going to work but there are definite plans for a tour later this year - details will be on the website or our new myspace page [which is here]

the next single, goosey gander, has also just finished recording - that will be should be out on cripple creek in a few months, with a cheeky cover on the b-side...

thank you for any messages you have sent - apologies for any belated response, i do read them all and they spur me on when the computer sequencing programme refuses to do what it's supposed to..."

So there you go. It's a bit of an undestatement to say that the MySpace site is in its infancy. So far her only friend is Tom (and at least me once I'm accepted). And there's not a audio streaming / download player thingy either. But I guess it's a start...

So to celebrate, here another Willis track, especially for Ed - her cover of 'Word Up' by Cameo.

Download: Willis - Word Up

Go on - you need Come Get Some!


Anonymous said...

I just found this band and I love their sound. I can find very few audio clips of them though. I love this "Word Up" cover, and I'm bummed I can't download it here anymore! Thanks for posting about them at all though.

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

I just cannot find this song (Word Up, by Willis) anywhere. I tried to download from this link, but it didn´t work. Could you please e-mail me this mp3?



Anonymous said...

Well if anyone is still looking for the song:


MsLooney said...

Wow, this internet thing is scary. I have been searching for this song for almost two years, always looking for it under Beth Orton's name; so today is my Christmas Present, mystery solved and I got the download and I'm listening to it right now and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!! Thank you so much.

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