Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Like Smokin' in the Movies

So, smoking's more popular in the movies than ever. Well, according to 'researchers in California' and reported in the Guardian today. Seems that "a sample of the top-grossing films over the last 50 years found that smoking decreased from an average of 10.7 events an hour in 1950 to 4.9 in 1982 - and then shot up to 10.9 by 2002. An 'event' ranges from a character lighting a cigarette to a shot of a tobacco advertisement."

But what's worse, is that this is making kids across America light up! Oh yes. Apparently the researchers make the quantum leap from the 'event increase' to claim that nearly half teenage smokers in the US try fags because of films.

Well, make of that what you will. You can probably sense my scepticism, but I will add one caveat. Try watching the scene in 'To Have and Have Not' where Lauren Bacall first appears in the doorway of Humphrey Bogart's room, asks for a cigarette and lights up. Then tell me that smoking isn't cool...

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