Friday, December 02, 2005

Texas never whispers

So despite claiming to have a blog about music films and London, this post's a bit different - it's about Forth Worth, Texas. What? Well, just because I'm there right now, on a work-related trip. It's my first time in Texas too. Being a work trip, I've not had that much time to check out the area properly, and despite Gorilla vs Bear kindly giving me info on gigs and venues in Dallas, I've not been able to make it over there. Actually, most of what I've done is work and eat. And a bit of shopping.

Eating's the thing. In all the time I've been here, I've not felt hungry. Not even once. I've heard all the stuff about how Texans are the fattest Americans and all that, but now I can begin to understand how that's true. My colleagues and I had a bit of a laugh on Monday night at the local steakhouse to where we're staying, aboutthe 72oz steak, that you get free if you can eat it in one hour. After working out what 72oz of meat actually is (about 2kg!) we'd have liked to have seen it. It must be big, becuase the waiting staff told us that onyl 3 people have ever done it in their establishment! So even by Texas standards, that's big eating.

The other funny thing for me is seeing a lot of people wearing cowboy hats with no sense of irony. We don't see that in the UK. I didn't even see it in Tennessee this summer. But I guess I'm in Texas, and in a town that's proud to be called a 'Cow Town'.

It's been good. I even got to put my hands in the hands of Johnny Cash at 'Billy Bob's' big bar (the world's biggest honky-tonk - apparently).

In other news, the exciting music news of the day is that the legendary Arcade Fire Christmas EP is back up for downloading

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